The humble golfing holiday can be something of an enigma with a lot of stigma for people who don’t play the game. A search for golfing holidays in a search engine can bring up millions of results in less than a second, including sites for luxury golf resorts and golf courses around the world. Certain airlines even offer their customers golfing holidays, where they can take their golf bag and all the equipment for free, or a much smaller fee than they normally would charge. So if you’re thinking about going on holiday, or just wondering why you have friends who do, here are 5 reasons why you should give golf a go this year.

Golfing is a Historical Sport
While the word golf can bring up memories of never-ending golf coverage on the TV and animosity between British and American players, golf as a sport, has been around longer than many people think it has. It is believed to have been created in the middle ages in Scotland, but when exactly, and by whom, remains a mystery. It did however, gain popularity in the 19th century, when it spread from Scotland to the whole of the UK and beyond, to America.

Golf is Exercise
While it doesn’t look as fast-paced and as brutal as other sports, namely football and rugby, golf is very good for the heart, as it is a form of cardio exercise. The sport involves a lot of walking over uneven terrain, and players use their arms and the rest of their upper body to hit the golf ball. All this is very good for your health.

Golf is a Bonding Activity
While the media is often dominated with images of professional golfers having arguments with other golfers, the fact is that as a sport, it is very good for bringing people together. While it’s considered polite to be quiet while people are taking shots, the sport, with its miles of walking does give you a lot of time to speak to people and meet new friends.

Golf is Loved the World Over
Like lots of other sports, golf has a worldwide following, and fans of the sport can be found all over the world. In fact these people tend to travel all over the globe to watch championships and experience the excitement of the game.

Golf is Good Fun
While some people might have you believe otherwise, golf is actually a really fun sport to do – as long as the weather is dry, clear and warm. It can be very relaxing, and a love of golf can take you all over the world to try out some of the planet’s very best golf courses.

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