Indeed, Ecuador is considered as the ideal location for its topographic diversity. This small country makes an ideal outdoor setting for different kinds of outdoor activities like; mountain climbing, trekking, rafting, biking, horseback riding, paragliding, diving etc. In addition, the country features a varied range of terrains from snow-capped volcanoes in the Andes, cloud forests in the slopes of the mountains, rainforests of the “Oriente”, beaches and tropical forests etc. The climate and environments of Ecuador remains pleasing throughout the year and favorable throughout the year. It actually encourages a lot of people to come here again and again enjoy more.

For more fun, you can take on trekking as a popular adventure activity in Ecuador. You can practice your trekking skills in the Andes and tropical forests of this tiny country. In such remote beautiful locations, you can trails as one of the pristine and remote lands. You can also explore some of the terrains at the mountain bikes and horseback. For these very reasons, some of the popular national parks are quite used by travelers. These parks are very much accessible and they can be connected well with marvelous scenery.

People who prefer mountaineering can find it really attractive location as well. The country has one of the largest belts of volcanoes in the whole world. It is very much possible to reach to high altitudes on moderate locations that usually do not require technical ice climbing skills.

If you love any of the above mentioned activities, make your plans now to visit these places now and enjoy more!

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