Adventure travelers have increased in popularity. Adventure is a type of traveling that deals with exploring the remote areas or a forest or exotic hostile areas or mountains. It requires lot of physical activities, cultural exchange and engagement with nature. These types of traveling will enrich your life and it opens a new world to you. It provides the greatest amusements. Here, you must be ready to step out from your comfort zone. You may encounter cultural shocks or physical danger or any unexpected things. Above all, you choose to achieve something amazing through adventure travel. It includes mountaineering, bungee jumping, rock climbing, trekking, rafting, mountain biking and zip lining. Each of these activities has different risks.

There are many forms of adventure tourism such as disaster, ghetto tourism, social and jungle tourism. Also there are many adventure travel company helps and guides the travelers about the destinations. Travelers will be sponsored by these companies for their entire trip. In this article, we are going to learn about the types of adventure travel.

Disaster Tourism:

Disaster tourism is a type of traveling as a matter of curiosity to the area which was recently affected from any natural or manual disaster such as Tsunami, earth quake, bomb blast or floods. It is all about involved in recovery operations, rescue and reliefs. Sometimes people travel to the disaster region to just collect the information and learn about the disaster.

Jungle Tourism:

Jungle tourism is another type of adventure travel. It’s all about exploring to the jungle region of the earth. It is also called as green tourism in tropical destinations. People are traveling to the jungles from various part of the world as a group and researching about different living creature.

Accessible Tourism:

The trend and facilities have got nice improvements. Even the disabled can enjoy the adventure travel now days. Accessible tourism is another type of adventure travel especially designed for the physically disabled.

Ethno Tourism:

Ethno tourism is exploring to the culture and the behaviors of the local people in the foreign countries. This is mainly because to discover the non-scientific gain from the society. People will go the tribal areas in this Ethno tourism. The Ethno tourists will make first contact with the tribes. Sometimes it is associated with two types of issues such as the possible of degradation or destruction of the unique culture or their language.

Urban Exploration:

It is another type of adventure traveling involved in exploring to the Urban areas and inhabitated lands. It is also termed as “Urban caving”, “Urban spelunking” or “Building hacking”. This tourism presents various kind of risk both physical dangers and the possibilities of arrest and punishments.

Overland Travel:

It simply refers to an “Overland Journey” similar to the journey of Marco Polo’s first expedition during the 13th century from Venice to the Chinese court. These days over landing is a form of adventure traveling as a group. It’s basically a long journey by crossing many countries and oceans.

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